Fr Denis Parry who is based in Peru, is raising funds for the construction of a much needed church building for his parish.

This is a longterm project that needs every help it can get.
The people in this very poor district of Peru are doing everything they can to fund the build.

Any help you can give however small will be very much appreciated. Just get in touch via the link below to find out how you can donate.

Hi John,


Greetings from Peru. How good it was to hear from you hope you are keeping well.


I really do not know what the future holds regarding going home this year. I have an appointment (made last year while I was home) with the eye surgeon in September, but as of this moment there are no international flights running, and God only knows when they will come into operation.


Unfortunately, John the situation here in Peru is still quite worrying. The quarantine was lifted 4 weeks ago, after having been in operation for 16 weeks. Under quarantine the daily new cases of covid-19 were between 2500-3000, but since the quarantine was lifted those daily numbers have tripled and risen to between 8500-9000 cases. The situation is precarious with more than 540,000 cases recorded & more than 26,000 deaths, in fact taking into account the size of population Peru is the worst affected country in all of Latin America, including Brazil. Just last week the government were forced to introduce again no movement on Sundays in order to prevent family gatherings.


With the situation the way it is here, there is no way that international flights will commence again in the immediate future. You mentioned my dear friend that you & Theresa have a cheque waiting for me, how kind the good people of L/H are towards me, but don't concern yourself too much about the cheque John, if necessary, it can wait till next year or whenever I finally do return home. I will keep in touch with you and advise you in good time.


Since the quarantine was lifted here, I have been returning to the parish for a couple of days a week in order to try and advance on the construction of the church. It was due to be consecrated in December but that date has now had to be postponed. I cannot celebrate Mass with the people, as the situation prevents us from doing so. I have to be very careful due to my age,  having diabetes 2 and a history of cancer. It is all so frustrating but we have to accept the situation and leave everything in God's hands.


Finally to all my dear family and friend back home at L/H you are always present in my thoughts, Masses and prayers.Please convey my good wishes to all back home.

United in prayer across the miles,

With much love and best wishes.



Telephone: 01744 22077

Parish Office, Holy Cross Presbytery, Corporation Street, St Helens WA10 1EF