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Parish Office, Holy Cross Presbytery, Corporation Street, St Helens WA10 1EF


Fr Denis Parry who is based in Peru, is raising funds for the construction of a much needed church building for his parish.

This is a longterm project that needs every help it can get.
The people in this very poor district of Peru are doing everything they can to fund the build.

Any help you can give however small will be very much appreciated. Just get in touch via the link below to find out how you can donate.

Hi John & Barbara,


Greetings from and warm and sunny Peru. Many thanks for your update from St Helens. It was great to hear from you. I am pleased to hear that the folks back at L/H were happy with the progress in the construction of the church. Since returning to Peru we have now got a beautiful glass window of the Last Supper in place over where the sanctuary will be situated. The parishioners here are delighted as indeed is the Bishop.


We have just finished a very hectic time celebrating a nine day novena in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe and have little time left to prepare ourselves for the beautiful celebration of Christmas. Today has been a very special day for me. Difficult though it mat seem, it was on this day 17th December 1994 that I was ordained a priest in my beloved L/H, so I have been celebrating in a rather quiet manner my Silver Jubilee. While I have many beautiful memories of that momentous day in my life, it has also been a time of nostalgia as I recalled all the beloved family and friends who are no longer with me. I thanked God today in my prayers for giving me the privilege of sharing my life with them on my journey to the priesthood.


Wishing all the family a most blessed Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Denis XXX

Images of the work in progress