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“Where mercy, love and compassion dwell,

there God is dwelling too."


Jesus went throughout Galilee teaching in the synagogues, preaching the Good News of the Kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and illness among the people.


News about Him spread all over Syria, and people brought to Jesus everyone who was ill with various diseases, those suffering with severe pain, the demon possessed, the epileptic, the paralytic, and He healed them all.

Large crowds came from Galilee, from the Decapolis, ,Jerusalem, and Judea, and they even came from the regions across the Jordan, and they followed after Him.

 (Matthew 4:23-25)

Prayer for the sick is necessary as God wants to be directly involved with the alleviation of suffering. God does not want us to suffer disease and sickness. Jesus' very presence on earth and the healing He did show God directly intervening in people’s lives to touch their afflictions. 


Obviously we think of physical healing but 'healing' also covers healing of the human spirit, of the mind, emotions, and of the soul. The Lord ministers to the hidden places of the heart with His love. Healing of memories, for example, can heal the scars left by traumas of betrayal, abandonment, rejection, violence. Hurt of any kind.


The healing ministry is a tangible way of showing that God cares. God is love and He loves us, his people.


If you would like further information, or to receive healing prayer ministry, please use the link below.  And if there is someone you would like prayers for please let us know also via the link below.

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